Satsuma High School, 1 Gator Cir, Satsuma

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    1 Gator Cir,
    Satsuma, AL, United States

    Satsuma High School is a public high school in Satsuma, Alabama, United States. It is a part of the Satsuma City School System. Prior to 2012 it was a part of the Mobile County Public School System.
    Satsuma was first opened in 1958. The building that housed the first Satsuma Show more... High School in 1918 to 2000 has recently been remodeled to hold the history department, a few mathematics classes, and a gymnasium. The current building was built in 1983 and holds the rest of the campus. Its mascot is the Gators.

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    Went to school here in the late nineteen nineties, and found it an adequate place to learn. Their library at the time was somewhat lacking, though it may have changed for the better since. I specifically enjoyed the drum line in the Spirit of Satsuma Band; it was a particularly memorable part of my time at the school.

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