Candlewood Suites Enterprise, 203 Brabham Dr, Enterprise

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    203 Brabham Dr,
    Enterprise, AL, United States
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    I am currently staying in this hotel and I have nothing but good things to say about not only the hotel, but the wonderful staff! I have no idea why this place would receive anything other than 5 stars! My fiance has been here since April, and I have been here once for a month, and again, currently going on 3 months. We have a 10 month old, and a 7 month old German Shepherd and this place has truly become our home away from home. Each staff member is friendly, and actually CARE about how their guests are doing! The first time I stayed here there was a problem with the room above us leaking, and the hotel staff took care of it right away and helped us move all of our belongings into a different room (they chose the closest room so we wouldn't have to travel so far). Every wednesday they prepare meals that they COOK THEMSELVES, I have never been to a hotel in my life that took the time out of their evening to prepare a meal for everyone of their guests that attend. They absolutely LOVE and adore pets and give Gunner(our shepherd) a doggy treat every time they see him, even though he's a bit on the wild side. I would recommend this hotel to ANYONE! =) Except if you despise animals!!! If you despise animals I don't think you deserve to come to this hotel. =) Go stay in a hole somewhere!

    2013-10-24 5
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    After spending 46 days at this hotel i would be glad to recommend them to anyone. The staff made you feel at home and the rooms were a great plus. Most hotels that you stay at you never really get to know the staff or the other occupants, at this one every wednesday dinner was provided and we would eat and and enjoy each others company.

    2011-03-16 4
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    I've been staying at Candlewood Suites in Enterprise since their opening and have been in the hotel for approximately 3 weeks. My overall impression: 1. Hotel over priced for services offered. Rooms no bigger than standard hotel room. Minimum amenities above and beyond traditional short term hotel. No breakfast offered. ONCE per WEEK room cleaning. Dishes not washed/clean dishes not emptied and stored (compare this with other long-term stay hotels). 2. Hotel was most likely hastily finished and this contributed to the lessening of the value of the stay. All sorts of shady and rather funny building contractor laziness was evident. Wall material shoved down the drain, wire insulation and general construction rubbish still on the floors and underneath bed. Incomplete hotel cleaning prior to opening. 3. Hotel STILL has incorrect directions to the hotel listed on their corporate website, "NORTH: TAKE 167 S. MAKE A RIGHT ON BOLL WEEVIL CIRCLE, AND GO 2 MILES. THE HOTEL IS ON THE LEFT," ............ this will get you on the WRONG SIDE OF TOWN. This attention to detail is worrisome. Every single patron that I've talked to had trouble finding the hotel. Good luck. 4. Checkout Day: Found a tampon wrapper in my deskside drawer. How sweet! Computers "down", emailed receipts. Almost every hotel I've ever been to will have your checkout receipts ready to go first thing in the morning. They were completley unprepared. In addition, I was given a hard time as "a trouble child" for having too many requests during my stay. (You know, requests like "I'd like to rent a more expensive room to house my family." and "now that my family is gone, I'd like to rent a less expensive room.") Other than that, the hotel is fine!

    2010-08-27 2
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    So this is the second Candlewood I've stayed at, and once again my experience was a good one. For a medium price point, this is a fine long term stay hotel. I stayed for about 5 weeks. The dinners provided every Wednesday are top notch. The room was clean (106) and the staff were friendly. All Candlewoods only do housekeeping once a week, so no surprises there. I actually like that though, I'm a neat person anyway and don't want someone in my room every day. The internet was acceptable for general use, although not quite ideal for online gaming, but I was still able to play on xbox live (with occasional disconnects, which could have been due to my router). You do need a code to login so if you want to connect a device that doesn't have a browser, make sure you have a router, as with any hotel. The location is good if you like being away from busy areas, but it's not too far from the stores of Enterprise. The nearby Santa Fe Cattle Co. restaurant is good. No breakfast is provided, as with all Candlewoods. Overall for the price point I would recommend this hotel and would stay again.

    2012-05-15 4
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    I spent 109 days at this Candlewood Suites Hotel and highly rcommend staying here. I travel nearly six months out of the year for business and this hotel is by far the best for functionality and service. The hotel is new as of 2010 and my room was perfect for an extended stay. The staff was the best! This staff cares; they made an effort to know each guest and it really was like a home away from home. Like the other reviews, the free Wednesday dinner parties were absolutely great and allowed the guests and staff to really get to know each other. The hotel was easy to find and the location is just 15 minutes from Fort Rucker. I recommend this hotel to anyone who is planning to stay in the Enterprise, AL area.

    2011-03-31 5
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