Brierfield Iron Works Park, 240 Furnace Pkwy, Brierfield

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    240 Furnace Pkwy,
    Brierfield, AL, United States
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    Granted this isn't the most glamorous State Park however if you check there event schedule they have civil war reenactments that are huge and done very well, very exciting. The park is also the site of an old iron ore furnace and there is colored glass all over the park that came from the furnaces. They have a pool open to the public for a small fee in the summer and camping. If you chose to camp here it's not far to tubing and Montevallo a small college town with restraunts,stores, and Ore Park, an artist carved faces and animals in trees and stumps throughout the park.

    2013-05-02 3
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    I can't comment on the service or facilities, but there was nothing to excite the eyes there. It was a wasted trip for me looking for anything worthwhile to photograph.

    2012-08-16 2
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    It is a really good place it has a lot of wildlife

    2012-08-18 2
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