Plant Bowen, 317 Covered Bridge Rd SW, Euharlee

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    317 Covered Bridge Rd SW,
    Euharlee, GA, United States

    Plant Bowen is a coal-fired power station located just outside Euharlee, Georgia, United States, approximately 8.7 mi west-south-west from Cartersville. At 3,499 megawatts, Plant Bowen has the largest generating capacity of any coal-fired power plant in North America since the partial shutdown of Ontario Power Generation's Nanticoke Generating Station in Show more... Canada. Plant Bowen ranked third in the nation for net generation in 2006 producing over 22,630,000 MWh. The station is connected to the southeastern power grid by numerous 500 KV transmission lines, and is owned and operated by Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company.
    Bowen's four cooling towers are 381 ft tall and 318 ft in diameter and can cool 1,100,000 US gallons per minute. Another 26,000 US gallons of water is lost to evaporation which creates the distinctive white clouds rising from each tower.
    Bowen's two smokestacks are 1,001 ft tall. Particulates are removed from the exhaust gases through the use of electrostatic precipitators. The exhaust gases are then closely monitored to comply with air quality regulations. In addition, Jet Bubble Reactor units have recently been constructed on all four units to meet federal clean air and ozone standards.

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