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    Tommy Bartlett's Water Ski & Jumping Boat Thrill Show, more commonly known as the Tommy Bartlett Show, is a popular tourist attraction in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. The show was created in 1952 by Wisconsin showman Tommy Bartlett as a traveling group of entertainers, based in Chicago, Illinois. After changing its Show more... base of operations to Wisconsin Dells, the performers continued to tour, performing at World's Fairs and U.S.O. shows. According to the show's official website, over 20 million spectators have seen the show since its creation.
    The Wisconsin Dells show is performed between late May and early September on Lake Delton. In keeping with the tourist-centered economy of Wisconsin Dells, the show operates regardless of rain, and is generally canceled only when weather is dangerous, rather than simply inclement. Despite the fact that the show takes place entirely on the lake, Bartlett himself apparently only waterskiied once, on his 70th birthday, 32 years after the show's creation.
    In 1978, Tommy Bartlett named Thomas Diehl president of Tommy Barlett, Inc. and sold him a 25% stake in the company. Diehl is now the president, general manager, and co-owner of Tommy Barlett, Inc. He had joined the Barlett organization in 1967, at the recommendation of NFL quarterback Joe Namath.

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