Van Gilder Hotel, 308 Adams St, Seward

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    308 Adams St,
    Seward, AK, United States

    The Van Gilder Hotel is a historic building located in Seward, Alaska, United States.

    van gilder hotel lodging establishment
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    Good place to stay while in Seward, which is a pretty small town. Rooms are small, but have large beds, nice views, TVs, and clean bathrooms (we had a private bathroom). The building is definitely charming and the historical factor definitely shows. Communal room to hangout and communal refrigerator and kitchen is nice if you'd like to heat up your leftovers or make/cook your own meals to save money. However kitchen closes at 9pm as to not bother guests on the 1st floor. Located right next to the local movie theater and historic downtown. Make sure to call and confirm your reservation. When making reservations online, they were supposed to email us the confirmation number, but we never got it. Upon calling it turns out that they mistyped our email address (not a mistake on our part), but they quickly resolved it. The staff there are very friendly and pretty attentive.

    2013-08-31 4
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    Its a good place to spend the night in the small town. The hotel retains a sense of tradition and authenticity. The Manager was very friendly and helpful. The views are pretty good too. Rooms: Small but workable. Facilities: They have common restroom and attached restroom options, the facilities are clean. You have coffee, good internet and a common room to hang out. Location: Seward is a very small town so you cant be too far from where you need to get go, byt this place is very centrally located.

    2013-08-27 3
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    I have been planning a birthday trip since January 2013. I made a reservation for this hotel in March. I called about it the other day and found that the hotel *lost my reservation* It is the busiest time of the year, nothing else was available until I crazily and furiously made a bunch of phone calls and found something by the grace of the traveling gods. I am furious. Is the Internet new to this hotel? Firstly, who loses a reservation these days, and secondly, how is there no financial record of charging my credit card???? Unacceptable. Take your business elsewhere.

    2013-06-26 2
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