Cafe Cups, 162 W Pioneer Ave, Homer

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    162 W Pioneer Ave,
    Homer, AK, United States
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    They make the best seafood dinners in Alaska and probably anywhere. Fresh local seafood prepared perfectly and originally with their own flare. I' ve eaten at restaurants all over the world and their seafood is the best!

    2013-06-20 5
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    My boyfriend and I went as it was recommended by the gal next door in the Tea House. Extremely impressed...Food delicious and not as expensive as I would have thought. I had a Halibut sandwich which was great...Ken had the Halibut Fish Tacos...and we shared a piece of Strawberry/Rhubarb Cream Cheese Pie with a scoop of Indian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream that was out of this world. It was a dining experience that we will remember for a long time...and in Homer, AK no less. They do not have "Fast Food" so if you are in a hurry and like mundane cuisine, don't go to Cafe Cups.

    2012-07-22 5
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    Cfae Cups is what I would call a "boutique" resteraunt. it is located in a smaller, older house that has been remodeled which means that it is tight, crowded, has limited seating, and waits may be long. Not a place I would try to go with more than 4 people. That said, it has THE GREATEST WAIT STAFF IN HOMER! I was there on a Saturday evening and the waitress, hostess, and bus girl were very efficient and always moving-moving-moving. There was a line out the door, but I swear every empty table was cleared and reset in less than two minutes. This staff can crank it out! Orders arrived quickly also. The menu has two parts: a) fancy, shmancy $30 plates and b) <$20 sandwiches. Food was well seasoned and well presented in reasonable portions. Looks like a great place for wine aficionados, and conversely not a place for really young kids. If I were ever to own a resteraunt I would bring my staff here just so they understood what "hussle" and "service" are all about. I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED!

    2011-08-22 5
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    Ordered the fish and prime rib, both were extremely undercooked, my fish was still raw, rice was cold, would have let our waitress know except she disappeared and never checked on our meal. We decided to take it to go to recook our 100$ meal. When she finally came back we brought the temps to her attention and rather than apolagizing she argued with us saying we were wrong, dropped our bill off and said sorry it was what you expected Calamari was great but really dissapointes with the service.

    2011-12-25 1
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    We didn't have reservations on a Tuesday night and they left us to stand by the door. After 15 minutes left and went to subway. Go to subway. Better service

    2012-05-18 2
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