Hardaway High School, 2901 College Dr, Columbus

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    2901 College Dr,
    Columbus, GA, United States
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    the rooms are too small and the teachers thinks that they need to punish all the students in one class and not for that one or two people who interupt the class and there are like some people who feel guilty. the teachers need to deal with the students are being like that outside and not infront of the class

    2013-11-12 1
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    Hardaway is a good school but we have some rude teachers here .

    2013-05-20 5
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    The hallways are cramped and packed. There is a teacher Mr. Hearn blowing blow horns and hitting the desks there. The teachers are very rude and under paid not friendly at all.

    2011-02-10 1
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    I've only arrived at Hardaway High as a parent for 10 min. And I agree some of the staff are very rude. Its only the first day. I assume that was the vice principle I just met. he felt no need to introduce himself to us as parents

    2011-08-08 1
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