Florida Caverns State Park, 3345 Caverns Rd, Marianna

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    3345 Caverns Rd,
    Marianna, FL, United States

    Florida Caverns State Park is a Florida's State Park, located in the Florida Panhandle near Marianna. It is home to the only air-filled caves accessible to tourists in Florida.
    Florida Caverns is unusual for the state. The limestone caverns were formed over time, as water seeped into and dissolved local Show more... bedrock, forming stalagmites, stalactites and flowstones. The same phenomenon is occurring in many other locations throughout Florida; as years pass, local fissures may turn to holes, and holes into caves. However, the vast majority of Florida's groundwater erosion formations have stopped at the sinkhole stage and have not developed further into caves.
    Florida Caverns State Park and the neighboring golf course were originally constructed as part of the New Deal.

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    January 2014. Came here on vacation .. It was a great experience, I have to thank my boyfriend & his sister for such an awesome adventure. I don't care what others have to say. If it's not as good as other caves you've been too .. it's still well worth it for the price . Make sure to wear shoes & not flip flops ..

    2014-03-25 5
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    Spring 2013. Paved camp loop, clean and well kept. The cavern is unique for Florida and well worth the cost. Tours go every 30 minutes and since it is rock wear good shoes. It is one of the CCC parks so it has some history there. It is one of the few state parks were you can bring your horse camper (separate loop). Don't expect to do much swimming in the local spring it is 65 deg and patrolled by water moccasins who really don't like to share. Otherwise this place is great.

    2014-03-15 4
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    The formations and extent of the cave system was better than I expected. In order to see the caves a tour must be purchased. My tour had loud little kids with bad parents which made it a little hard to hear the tour guide and made the experience more stressful. Other than that the caverns were very nice. I overheard some people say..."this isn't as cool as I thought it would be... and this isn't as nice as Carlsbad Caverns. Well of course it isn't as nice as Carlsbad. This is still a very nice cave system. Well worth the drive to podunkville.

    2013-06-12 5
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    The cave tour was wonderful! Our guide was welcoming and knowledgable. We would recommend this to anyone!

    2013-11-25 5
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    A very nice cavern experience is offered at this park. The caves themselves are not the largest around, however, the experience and scenary within is very beautiful and impressive. I went with a guided tour (which was mandotory) where the guide proved very competent. The entire cave-system is very family-friendly! NB: Be sure to bring your mosquito repellant if you plan to take a wlak around the cave's entrance. This walk is very nice. As a last note to this park: Very recommendable!

    2013-07-02 4
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