Selma Mall, 1391 E Highland Ave, Selma

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    1391 E Highland Ave,
    Selma, AL, United States
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    Our Mall need a step up

    2012-10-02 3
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    The Selma mall is much better than it has been. A new store is coming next to Goodys called Steeles. The clothing company Stage owns Goodys, Pebbles, Paysis Royal, Stage, Bealles, and the clothing company newest store Steeles in which they came up with in October of this year. Goodys is half the size it used to be due to the fact the other half is going to be another one of stages stores. Steeles which i said earlier is one of Stages newest stores. To sum this up, the company, brought two of their stores to Selma in the old Goodys area but They didnt open at the same time. Goodys opened first. Steeles is still under construction.

    2011-12-31 5
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    the selma mall is agreat place to shop, yes it's small but you can find anything you need at a good price.

    2011-11-18 5
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    It's so tiny and sad. The best things here would be Belk and JCPenny...

    2011-09-04 2
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    Its the average size mall for a city the size of Selma Alabama.

    2010-07-11 5
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