Crystal Creek Lodge, 1 Big Creek Road, King Salmon

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    1 Big Creek Road,
    King Salmon, AK, United States
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    Crystal Creek Lodge offers one of the very best fishing and adventure experiences you can take. We absolutely loved it and it's a trip we'll never forget. The fishing is incredible, flying out each morning to see and fish different rivers in the region. We would catch huge salmon one day and then rainbow trout up to 30" the next. We decided to do an 'Adventure' day and had a once-in-a-lifetime wild bear viewing excursion. Also, the accomodations and food are top notch. Crystal Creek Lodge has a friendly and memorable staff, from the guides and pilots to the kitchen staff. This will be our 5th time there and we can't wait to return!

    2013-06-12 5
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    August 2013 was my 14th year visiting Crystal Creek Lodge. There is no better place to experience Alaskan fishing and outdoor adventure! The lodge is spectacular, the staff is wonderful and the fishing experience is impossible to beat.

    2013-08-25 5
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