Hubbard Landing, 9100 Hubbard Landing Rd, Stockton

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    9100 Hubbard Landing Rd,
    Stockton, AL, United States
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    One of the best fish camps in the delta. Parking can be a bit tight on popular weekends, so slip away during the week if you can. If not, plan to arrive early or have a bit of a hike back to your boat. The landing store sells a little bit of everything (except beer), and has a nice selection of lures and live bait. They also offer cabins and a camp ground with full hook ups. Make your reservations early as the folks who have been going there for years tend to book well in advance.

    2007-12-03 5
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    This is an excellent place for a weekend getaway. The owners are friendly and were always willing to help. It didn't hurt that the fishing was excellent. They also have a large (clean) public pool for when the days get hot. My family had a blast. We will definitely be back. A++ PS: I hear the 4th of July party is not to be missed.

    2010-04-12 5

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