University of West Florida, 11000 University Pkwy, Pensacola

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    11000 University Pkwy,
    Pensacola, FL, United States

    The University of West Florida, also known as West Florida and UWF, is a mid-sized public university located in Pensacola, Florida, United States. UWF is a member institution of the State University System of Florida. The University of West Florida is a comprehensive research university without faculties of law or Show more... medicine. It is a space-grant institution that was established in 1963. The University of West Florida sits on the third largest campus in the State University System, 1,600 acres, and its campus is a natural preserve that is bordered by two rivers and Escambia Bay. The university's mascot is an Argonaut and its logo is the Chambered Nautilus.

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    Yes my daughter Monica goes to that school and I love her school also she love it I wish her the best

    2013-11-12 5
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    Overrated and overpriced. The "ladies" in the financial aid will do their best to get you to max out your student loans. You'll leave this school owing more than your degree is worth. I hate to be 100% negative about the place so I will say you can get some tasty french fries in the food court. Sit down and eat in the Commons dining hall and spend time thinking how you're ever going to market your UWF degree and pay down those loans UWF just hustled you for.

    2013-05-28 2
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    Great school with very knowlegable professors and small class sizes. It if you like small class sizes like at community colleages but cannot get the degree you are looking for at one then this university is great for you. Go Argos!

    2012-07-03 5
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    Fun love it

    2013-09-15 5
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    I love everything about it!

    2012-12-04 5
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