The Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa, 26 N Royal St, Mobile

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    26 N Royal St,
    Mobile, AL, United States
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    Would definitely stay agsin . pet friendly. The place is absolutely beautiful. I love staying in old historical hotels And it is with in walking distance from all bars and clubs

    2014-03-31 5
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    My wife and I stayed at the Battle House Renaissance Hotel in November on our 43rd anniversary. We found the hotel to be beautifully decorated for Christmas and our room was very nice. We were also thrilled to receive complimentary strawberries and champagne and a nice note from Maggie Scribner in the front office. We will definitely stay there again when we are in Mobile. Phil Holloran

    2014-02-11 5
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    The facilities at this hotel are outstanding. The rooms were clean an nice. However our stay was a disaster. We booked the room because of business in the Mobile area and thought this would be a nice treat to stay in a really nice hotel downtown, centrally located to see some of the local sites. Well that weekend they were shooting a movie in the streets around the hotel and were closing most of those streets around the hotel. We had a really hard time getting in and once we were there we felt like prisoners as street closings made it almost impossible to leave again. We asked the staff why we were not notified of this problem and got a very "likely" story. "Oh you booked too late, we sent out the notices before you booked." Really...??? It's bad enough our weekend got ruined but then they go the extra mile and insult our intelligence with this cock-and-bull story. I would have chalked this one up to Nicolas Cage stealing some more time out of my life (yes I did see "Season of the Witch") but this could have easily been avoided by the staff letting us know.

    2013-06-24 3
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    Incredible facility, food is wonderful, & service is always great. Take a step back in time in the birthplace of Mardi Gras! Oh & LPGA is in town staying at the hotel.

    2013-05-17 5
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    Great staff, great place, reasonably priced for the location/amenities. Worth every penny.

    2013-08-07 5
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