Pace High School, 4065 Norris Rd, Milton

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    4065 Norris Rd,
    Milton, FL, United States
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    Something wrong at this school and others in Santa Rosa County whereby over 200 incidents a year whereby administrators beat students (nearly 100 involve high school) Freedom (detention) is traded for Violence (beatings). This creates a hostile atmosphere when violence is offered as a solution.

    2013-11-19 1
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    I went to pace, and i think it was a great school. The teachers do not cram lessons last minute. I have a parent that teaches there and does exactly what a teacher should do. So people get your facts straight. I will say that football and cheerleading are way overrated there. But, overall it is a great school and i do not recall having any trouble their academically. :)

    2012-05-15 5
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    This school has a very poor academic program and needs to train the teachers better. The teachers like to waste time and simply make students memorize rather than use knowledge to practical use. Compared with other schools in the nation, Pace High School would rate really low, but surprisingly it is the best in the area, implying that most schools in Florida are very terrible. The athletics at Pace are very biased. Football has a monopoly over everything, in fact, there is a future plan that the stadium will have a $50000 T.V. for the stadium. The athletic director neglects putting the money towards improving other sports, such as a pool for swimming, laying rubber for the track, creating locker rooms for all of the athletes. Pace is a very poor school and many teachers simply waste time in class with parties rather than teaching the appropriate educational content, and later cram all the lessons in a day, making it hard on the student. A very terrible school academically, and very biased in sports.

    2011-12-21 1
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    Praise be to our Lord! Prayer changes things. I wanted to tell you that MANY people, from Christian to Christian, were praying for you. A prayer chain involving hundreds of people came before God in intercessary prayer, and God heard & answered. We, in Mobile, & those across the nation, spreaded the word. No one should have to pray, but everyone should be allowed to pray. Thank you, Father, for once more defeating the enemy. I am sending a call to prayer for our nation. A great revival is needed, & a call for many men of integrity in leadership. Please join in to pray for our nation, its people & its leaders. Thank you, Pace HS for standing tall! God bless you.

    2009-09-18 5
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