Woof, 2518 Columbia Hwy, Dothan

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    2518 Columbia Hwy,
    Dothan, AL, United States
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    Plays music with clean lyrics, suitable for families and Christians. DJ's have warm, caring personalities, and they feel more like family on this end of the radio. I love this station, and so does my college-age daughter. In Cuthbert, our local station is not on the air all the time, and WOOF is the only station I listen to, because I can just keep it on and hear what I like to hear. I've discovered some really neat artists from listening and now am a Taylor Swift fan, among others. I recommend this station for anyone who wants to hear a mixture of oldies and the best contemporary music, and who doesn't want to hear vulgar lyrics. The Morning Show is clean and family-friendly, and all of the DJ's are the kind of folks I would welcome over to my house for a visit. I miss Julie Jacobs, but I enjoy the new fella whom I now hear at night. I would like to see WOOF-FM have an Internet listening option so when we move back to Atlanta, I can still hear them. Dannis Cole, Cuthbert, GA

    2009-10-28 5
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