Mc Intosh Reserve Park, 1046 W McIntosh Cir, Whitesburg

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    1046 W McIntosh Cir,
    Whitesburg, GA, United States
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    This is truly a great place to visit/camp if you love outdoors/nature. The reserve peaceful and a great place to relax and have fun with the family!

    2014-04-06 5
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    Found this gem of a place while husband was working in area for two months. Lots to do and see with a family. A must do when in area. Wish I had our horses with us

    2013-11-22 5
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    Miles of horse, walking/running and biking trails. Large fields where I've seen many activities from flying RC planes to sports. On the Chattahoochee river. Camp sites. Small water park for kids. Pavilions for grilling and gathering. Now kind of overshadowed by the newer, larger, nicer Chattahoochee river Bend SP but McIntosh is still very special in my heart and I actually prefer it many times.

    2013-01-06 3
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