University of West Georgia, 1601 Maple St, Carrollton

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    1601 Maple St,
    Carrollton, GA, United States

    The University of West Georgia is a comprehensive doctoral-granting university in Carrollton, Georgia, approximately 45 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia. The University is built on 645 acres including a recent land gift of 246 acres from the city of Carrollton in 2003. Off-campus classes are available in Dalton, Newnan, Georgia Show more... Highlands College in Rome, and at several other community locations throughout the state. It has an enrollment of about 11,700 students. For the past ten years, the University has been repeatedly named as one of the Best Southeastern Colleges by The Princeton Review.

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    An amazing experience. Could not have asked for more...Carrollton may not be a huge college city but it is fun nonetheless. UWG has quality academics for a good price and has an absolutely gorgeous campus

    2014-03-07 5
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    Checked in and sat down. Seen within 3 minutes to take vitals and a list of symptoms, then sent back to the waiting room. Had a 65 minute wait to see a doctor, but that's likely because a large number of people were already there and "supposedly" the first flu case had just been confirmed shortly before my arrival. All in all, a relatively decent experience. It's great to have this as a student since I'm currently without health insurance. A 5 minute talk with the doctor may not seem like much, but it's better than dropping hundreds of dollars that I do not have to make sure I can take a test that afternoon without making everyone in the room sick.

    2013-10-08 4
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    I am very proud to call UWG my alma mater

    2013-11-26 5
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    Great teachers

    2014-01-15 5
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    I attend. It's cool.

    2013-02-14 5
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