El Faro, 608 Cedar, Hudson

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    608 Cedar,
    Hudson, CO 80642, US

    The El Faro Towers, also known as El Faro I/II, when referring to the complex individually, or El Faro Complex, when referring to the pair as a whole, are a highrise residential complex of two, twin interconnected skyscrapers located in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero, in Buenos Aires, the capital Show more... and largest city of Argentina. The El Faro Towers are made of glass, most specially used for the skyscraper's windows, and reinforced concrete. Although the two towers did not commence their construction at the same time, the first and second skyscrapers' construction ceased in 2003 and 2005, respectively. The twin skyscrapers are currently considered as the tallest structures in Buenos Aires, having a total height of 160 m.

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