Caribou Hotel, 187 Glenn Hwy, Glennallen

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    187 Glenn Hwy,
    Glennallen, AK, United States
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    The staff was very helpful. They were more than willing to work with us and our 4 small children. The room was wonderful! Very clean! The price was very resonable compared to others on the Alaska Highway, as was the resturant. If we ever head that again, we would most definitely stay there.

    2013-05-26 5
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    First, don't let the other comments bother you. I see where they're coming from but lets be honest here. This a small town in the middle of nowhere AK and using the word "town" is a stretch. Is it expensive, yes. Is it run down, well... It's not the Hilton. I've stayed here twice for a total of 3 or 4 days before the summer season at a rate of $100/night on business (Summer rate is $50 more). If you're just passing through and need a place to crash, this is it. It's not a resort, it's a motel. I wish people would lighten up. The staff is VERY friendly and the little restaurant is A+ as well. Fast and friendly. I gave it four stars because of the staff and food which to me, makes it worth paying a little more than some other places you might stay in bigger cities that don't give a crap about your personal well being. It's not a 5 because I do think $100+ is pushing it for what you get, but again, if you're just passing through and are tired, you don't have any other choice so make the best of it.

    2012-05-28 4
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    The place was clean. I am sorry to say that is the end of my positive comments. The lobby, the room, the restaurant, everything else was run down to the point of needing to be torn down. Now, in full honesty, I have not one iota, not one wit of trouble with bibles in motel/hotel rooms. However, the only detail the owners of this dive took any interest or paid any attention to was having a bible open to a key passage on the table. Given the utter state of disrepair, this has to be the cheapest "point-shaving" scheme to try and smooth your way into heaven I have ever seen. The window coverings were literally falling apart from age-rot, the TV was made no more recently than the 1970's, the restaurant played the worst country music as loud as possible and had the second amendment prominently displayed. The worst Alaska has to offer. DO NOT STAY HERE!!

    2011-07-05 1
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    This hotel is an overpriced dump. It is basic remote Alaska hotel. The only thing it has going for it is the location in Glennallen which makes it a stopover point from Valdez, Tok, Fairbanks or Anchorage. Room was in great need of upgrade. We passed on using the shower/bath which should be replaced (it is beyond being cleaned). I would just drive by if at all possible.

    2011-07-14 2
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    Stayed here Sept, 2010...Was not a clean establishment... Bathrooms were not very clean, hair in tub...on floor... Bed Linens were stained..and very old looking... I would not stay here again, unless I had to..

    2010-09-15 1
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