Summit Lake Lodge, 51826 Seward Hwy, Moose Pass

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    51826 Seward Hwy,
    Moose Pass, AK, United States
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    1.summer. Because of i want to see Alaska and know more about this beautiful place. i want to know their's cultures, their's people. 2.yes i have to means to get to Alaska. 3. my exact date in first week in June.4.i am studying but in summer i have holiday for 3-4 month 5. My family is large. i have got a grandma, a father, a mother, a sister, a brother. They know that i am going to Alaska. and they are very happy. It is a chance to improve my english. 6. i hope you won't regret if choose me. i am very hardworking person. i will show everything that i am able to do. 7. in my opinion there is no difference between taking care of business and taking care of customer. 8 / 9 i have not any questions

    2014-02-28 5
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    Beautiful cabins (with a comfortable bed and fancy bathroom), friendly, accommodating owners, and a delicious breakfast in the morning. Thanks for the great stay!

    2013-05-09 5
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    Food was delicious and establishment was clean but service was very slow and not too friendly. Prices are way too high as well. Really taking advantage of the lack of other restaurant options.

    2012-07-08 4
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    We stayed here a couple times - not bad, has the basic amenities (but no TV, not that you'd need it in Alaska) and it was a good value. The staff was friendly.

    2009-08-26 3
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