Hotel Seward, 221 5th Ave, Seward

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    221 5th Ave,
    Seward, AK, United States
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    The place is very nice! It is clean, neat, the staff warm, friendly and helpful and it's right downtown, near the water. So if you like to walk and peruse storefronts, you are in a great starting place. I ordered a meal from my room, from a small attached nook that could seat a few, with a small bar. The best seared tuna with noodles I've ever eaten! My room was cozy, had quality bedding, decor, and the towels where definitely high-quality. The lobby area is rife with mounted animals, Victorian kitschy even, but it works in this small seaside town in Alaska. I was very pleased with my stay here. Recommended.

    2014-02-16 5
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    Actually, this is a review for their restaurant called Ms Genes Place. It is simply amazing, in both food and service. Do try to be seated in their "private dining rooms" in the back - you'd have your very own private dining experience. Salmon entries are as must!

    2012-09-10 5
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    We stayed one night at Hotel Seward. The staff were friendly and we had no trouble reserving a room. We stayed in the Historic Wing. The building adjacent to our room was about 4 feet away so anyone next door could see us plainly, which kinda sucked. The shower was pretty awful. I was in it for about 10 minutes or so and it suddenly changed from scalding hot to freezing cold without reason. And although we had a queen-sized bed, our room was rather tiny. All in all, it's not a horrible hotel, but certainly not worth the money they're asking for. I will not be staying there again.

    2012-07-29 3
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    Just got back from a trip to Alaska. Part of that trip was a 3 night stay in Seward at the Hotel Seward. Front desk people were extremely helpful, the lobby is like a museum, and the rooms were clean. I would recommend to anyone.

    2012-06-28 5
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    We enjoyed staying at this hotel - it was clean, amenities were there, and we got a good price on the economy rooms. The only objection is that we weren't told that the room didn't have a bathroom, but, otherwise, everything was perfect. We'd stay there again.

    2009-08-26 4
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