Flying J Travel Plaza, 900 Tyson Rd, Hope Hull

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    900 Tyson Rd,
    Hope Hull, AL, United States
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    This place is a joke. I went to eat at Denny's and they were out of hamburger, spaghetti, tea, and salad. Hello?! These are normal everyday items. The waitress would holler at me from the seat she was sitting at to ask if I needed anything?! Another waitress was so loud when she talked that you could hear her from the damn kitchen, then would come out to the counter with the same pitched voice that no one else could carry on a conversation. When you come in the driver entrance, they have the trash cart parked by the door and stains on the concrete that you had to walk through. The cashiers at the fuel desk were also carrying on loud personal conversations while customers would wait. Unfortunately, all the people that made this stay miserable for the customers were unprofessional, and were calling attention to themselves. The tv was also set to a station that was a bunch of drama between women that were arguing with each other, and the volume was turned up way to loud too. I won't be back. There are two other truck stops nearby that I didn't find until the day after my stay. This Flying J is definitely not like any of the many others I've been to.

    2014-04-14 1
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    I can't understand where all these "EXCELLENT" ratings are coming from this place is a complete s**t hole..! Place smells bad and not so friendly service. Yes the showers are clean that's about all i can give credit to. People i know it's a truck stop but just because it is doesn't mean it has to be poorly ran. And don't get me started on the Denny's.... 1 waiter who really acted like he didn't give a rats behind at all.. then you have customers just waiting to order. 1 guy sat there for at least 24 mins before they even took his order. Only stop at this dump if it's your last option..

    2013-07-07 2
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    We stop here for coffee and drinks anytime we go to Florida. Always fast and always helpful. Its a well managed gas station. Keep up the good work.

    2013-05-20 5
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    Love my sexxxy papi!!

    2013-03-25 4
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    Love everything about this place especially the pizza, uuummm goood...

    2012-09-23 5
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