Driftwood Inn, Lodges, Fishing Charters & RV Park, 135 W Bunnell Ave, Homer

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    135 W Bunnell Ave,
    Homer, AK, United States
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    Great place. Recommend it for your travel needs.

    2013-03-31 5
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    We recently had our wedding and reception on the lawn of the Driftwood Inn and it was the perfect place. Everyone loved the three lodges. The beautiful living rooms and kitchens gave our families the perfect place to get to know each other. The staff at the Driftwood were so sweet and helpful - we really enjoyed everything about our two nights there.

    2011-07-19 5
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    What a great find! We stayed in one of the guest houses with views of the ocean. Fantastic! Sat on the deck with my afternoon tea and listened to the surf. Will definately return.

    2011-08-12 5
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