Long House Hotel Bethel, 751 3rd Ave, Bethel

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    751 3rd Ave,
    Bethel, AK, United States
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    my stay was great clean rooms nice employees location was great for short walks to and from stores has internet access above all very good place to stay in bethel Alaska

    2014-03-04 4
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    Poor, poor, poor. As far as I can see, when you come to Bethel you have two choices of where to stay. Long house should not be one of them. The other choice is also a run down poor excuse for lodging but at least there you can have internet and phone. I have stayed here numerous times while working in the area. The first time was over a year ago at which time the internet would barely work for 5 minutes. This time, the internet was still in the same and what's worse is they no longer have the ability to transfer calls to your room. So if you are from out of town and want to stay here, beware that this place is a run down overpriced path of outright separation from the rest of the world.

    2013-06-05 2
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    When i first stayed there on my trips to Bethel, it was comforting but on preceding trips, it was just irritating to stay there. One occasion i got a room which wasnt even made after the previous person left...On multiple occasions, specially on weekends, they tend to have dances which are great for the community, but walking in at 11pm though the lobby is just annoying to walk through people of all ages. On another occasion, they didnt have "DO NOT DISTURB" signs, so the damn maid's woke me up at 9am to do my room. One the occasions I did stay there, they gave me corporate rates and on others they gave me personal rates, even though i was in town on business, using my business visa card.... Way too high of a price for low quality of service

    2008-04-12 1
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    Staff is friendly and helpful. Rooms are too hot - have to open the windows even when it is very cold outside. A bit run down, don't walk barefoot on the carpets, bed was hard and pillows flat and terrible. Bathroom was clean with good shower. Restaurant was ok, but staff was sitting in there with a prizefight on TV, very LOUD, so I took my dinner to my room. Internet sporadic. Your cell phone won't work, not their fault, but they charge you by the minute to call with your calling card. Remember, no alcohol allowed.

    2009-10-01 2
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    The room was dirty, the towels and the shower was dirty. The deadman bolt on my door did not work. The bedspread was gross. There were stains on the chairs, the curtains did not block out the light. The TV remote did not work. The washcloths were soapy.

    2011-05-09 1
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