Alyeska Resort, 1000 Arlberg Ave, Girdwood

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    1000 Arlberg Ave,
    Girdwood, AK, United States

    Alyeska Resort is a ski resort in Girdwood, Alaska, approximately 27 miles from the city of Anchorage. Mount Alyeska is part of the Chugach mountain range and the Alyeska Resort is the largest ski area in the state.

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    Normally I really like the hotel but we had a terrible time the last time we stayed there. For one thing when we checked out they charged me for my bill on my debit card. When I get back home I see the charge twice. I called and they said they issue a hold on the account before they officially charge your card. I asked why it was still not in my checking account after three days, in that case they said it would take up to week for my bank to process it and there was nothing they could do. I then called my bank because I am a college student and can't be without hundreds of dollars for a week. They said that Alyeska could fax them a letter to have it removed (something the Alyeska employee failed to mention or offer). I then called Alyeska again and got someone helpful who helped me resolve my issue. Additionally the staff at the Pond Cafe was very rude in telling us we were too late to have breakfast. We were really looking forward to breakfast and we arrived fifteen minutes before they were supposed to close but they directed us to another restaurant in the building that took forever. Great hotel room, awesome food, and great views but it wasn't really worth much with the amount of stress.

    2014-01-21 2
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    The resort is cold and dark in winter. The wait to ride the tram is extremely long when the mountain has powder skiing, a skier is lucky make one run per hour. the best powder lines are mostly tracked by noon. creepy little girdwood is a second rate ski town with lots of alcoholics and meth heads, many of whom work at the resort. The groomed skiing is limited. So, Go some where else

    2013-12-31 2
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    If you want a relaxed atmosphere, with the best customer service, Alyeska is the place. My husband and I went for a couple days, and I've never felt so happy in my life. I love that everybody is so nice, and the rooms are also very nice! Must go.

    2014-03-19 5
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    I loved this stay. Was a wonderful experience for us. Everyone was so nice and the hotel and grounds are beautiful.

    2013-11-11 5
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    This is the most high-end hotel you may find in Alaska. Great pool/jacuzzi area, nice breakfast buffet, nice rooms.

    2013-09-11 5
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