Pikes Peak, 5069 Pikes Peak Hwy, Colorado Springs

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    5069 Pikes Peak Hwy,
    Colorado Springs, CO 80809, US

    Pikes Peak is a mountain in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains within Pike National Forest, 10 mi west of Colorado Springs, Colorado, in El Paso County in the United States of America.
    Originally called "El Capitán" by Spanish settlers, the mountain was renamed Pike's Peak after Zebulon Pike, Show more... Jr., an explorer who led an expedition to the southern Colorado area in 1806. The Arapaho name is heey-otoyoo’.
    At 14,115 feet, it is one of Colorado's 54 fourteeners, mountains that rise more than 14,000 feet above mean sea level, and rises 8,000 ft above downtown Colorado Springs. Pikes Peak is a designated National Historic Landmark.

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