Gulf Breeze Zoo, 5701 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze

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    5701 Gulf Breeze Pkwy,
    Gulf Breeze, FL, United States

    The Gulf Breeze Zoo is a 50-acre zoo located in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

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    Visited here on vacation. It was so cute. You can get really close to most of the animals, and some are even walking loose on the paths! I was able to feed giraffes, llamas, goats, and budgies. The train ride was really fun too. I would definitely go back.

    2014-03-17 5
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    Great feeding and petting zoo. I took my family here 2 years ago when my first son was 10 months old. We especially liked the budgery, an open aviary where we fed the birds with seed on popsicle sticks, and the train.

    2014-03-22 5
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    I've seen the San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento & many other, & smaller zoos, & enjoyed this one thoroughly. The mixture of critters in and out of enclosures feels more natural than the enormous concrete jungles that large zoos can be. The wide open plain that a large variety of animals, and large birds, cohabit is wonderful, evoking more of what is real than the controlled viewing we have in normal zoos, and all seen from an elevated walkway, including a large collection of turtles and Big fish that surface when tossed zoo snacks. And how fun to be preparing to feed a Nubian goat behind a fence when up the walk gambol little goats ready to climb up your legs to share in the goodies. The setting is unique in my experience- water everywhere, creating natural barriers thereby eliminating concrete and much fencing. The zoo lacks a lot of information, which in larger zoos can interrupt simply experiencing the residents. All the animals appeared calm and comfortable. People food, not so terrific, but then that's another up side to the zoo; it's not about corporate marketing- it's about the animals. Same with the gift shop; not slick, not overwhelmed with big ticket, glossy, sure-fire items, but just an assortment of odds & ends. One of the best zoos I've been through.

    2013-09-18 5
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    The best zoo I have been to. Extremely entertaining and fun.

    2014-03-03 5
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    Enjoyed a family visit to this zoo. Our biggest concern was the size of the big cats. The two tigers were so thin, pacing back and forth. There skin hung and swayed as they walked. They didn't seem to have any meat on them at all. Then we came upon the lioness she was so tiny and frail. She was trying so hard to roar and nothing was even coming out. With the amount it cost to get in, these animals should be healthier looking in size and weight. It was quite sad.

    2013-04-24 3
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