Columbia Southern University, 21982 University Ln, Orange Beach

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    Orange Beach, AL, United States

    Columbia Southern University, in Orange Beach, Alabama, USA, is a privately held institution of higher education. It offers Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programs in fields including Business Administration, Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Human Resource Management, Organizational Leadership, Occupational Safety and Health and Fire science. Columbia Southern's online degree Show more... programs are among the most affordable in the United States. Its online degree programs in healthcare administration and psychology are the most affordable of their kind in the country.

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    I recently transferred to CSU from APUS. The representatives at CSU are extremely unhelpful, i.e financial aid, academic advisors, etc. They always have an attitude or some kind of chip on their shoulders and seem to want to do as little as they can. They are unhelpful and it falls upon the shoulders of the student to do the leg work if you need or want something done. So not only do you have to take classes but you have to manage your academic life as well. The classes are dull and not very challenging too. I would not recommend this online college. They are only after profits and not providing a quality education. I would like to also note. They are not regionally accredited, only nationally which is a bad thing and for myself who is a business major they do not hold any business accreditation's. Will be transferring again after i complete this waste of time semester. Save yourself time, money and hassle go to another online college. FYI i have 3 years over online college experience.

    2014-02-27 1
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    I started here to finish my Bachelor's degree. I never wanted to go towards a Master's degree but the school makes me feel welcome and appreciated and they are there to help. I have 8 more classes before I get my Bachelor's degree. And I am going to pursue my Master's from here. I work FT but I am still able to get the work done. My old school had work due on different days every week. It was inconsistent. Here it's all due on the same day so no confusion at all.

    2014-01-27 5
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    Just graduated a couple days ago with my Masters- All the glory goes to GOD--but CSU made it easy for me!!! thanks CSU-great military friendly school!

    2013-10-28 5
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    I habe been attending CSU for almost a year now and I love it! I work full time and still able to do my online classes. I literally have less than 2 hours worth of homework for each class for the whole week. When I went to a campus college I was piled up with homework! My GPA has raised dramtically and they always email you a reminder that your homework is due. I was able to transfer all my credits from my prior college which was a big concern for me.

    2013-09-30 5
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    I have been attending CSU for little under a year now. Spectacular! That word sums up the experience I have had so far. Being in the military, my schedule can sometimes go a little sideways and the staff and faculty have been nothing but helpful. Every time I have a question about administrative items I simply call up my student services rep and she handles the problem or points me in the right direction. If I'm struggling with a class I simply email the professor and they will take time to help guide me along. And for any military folks out there that are considering this university, CSU allowed 48 semester hours to be transferred from my standard military training to by bachelors degree program with them. That with the few CLEP's that I did over the years and I started college as a Junior.

    2013-08-21 5
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