KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia, 7777 Kia Pkwy, West Point

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    7777 Kia Pkwy,
    West Point, GA, United States
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    If you're going on here to compliment the cars, i recommend going on the dealerships page to do so. I used to work for KIA, and they treat their workers like straight garbage. I got fired for forgetting my boots(I was wearing shoes) and I was Quality Control. Why in the world would I need boots when driving cars 20 feet? They discriminate as well. I died my hair an "odd" color, and I'm pretty sure that's the main reason they fired me. Mind you, you're aloud to have weird hair, facial hair, etc. there because it's a manufacturing plant, nothing professional. The supervisor "erica williams" I think her name was, was a total bitch. As I walked into the office, she just laughed and fired me. Really? That's how you treat your employees? Even if she begged me to take the job back, I would tell her where she could shove that proposal. And no, I didn't write this review out of spite, I wrote it to warn those of you who plan on working there. They treat you like garbage, and many others would agree!

    2014-01-22 1
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    The tour is amazing! The efficiency with which these cars are made is amazing!

    2014-03-11 5
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    Being apart of the automotive industry for over 12 years. I was very impressed with the KIA Motors Corp. Their productivity, details, and work ethics.

    2014-01-18 4
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    I was interested in learning more about the Kia Optimia so I went to the website and it turned to be a most disappointing experience. First the site was exceedingly slow in loading content. Then I quickly discovered that the site was not compatible with my browser. I reluctantly opened the other browser and the experience was no better except I was permitted to enter information which allowed me to configure a model for an estimated price. In the end I was sorely disappointed and will no longer consider a Kia when I purchase my new vehicle.

    2013-09-18 2
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