Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC, 1800 Honda Dr, Lincoln

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    1800 Honda Dr,
    Lincoln, AL, United States
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    I am the owner of a 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring van, the most expensive model. By 5 years time, the midnight blue paint was starting to peel in numerous places, as a first time Honda Buyer, you know just how important first impressions are, well I am stuck with a Honda Odyssey that needs to be re-painted, not ever going to try to even drive another Honda ever again, just check online before buying a Honda Odyssey 2013, you will see how many people globally are having this problem with Honda Paint Peeling. I would not recommend, buying a Honda Odyssey unless you are certain the paint warranty is longer than 36K,36 months, thats about all that their paint is good for on Odysseys and once your out of warranty your on your own.

    2013-07-29 1
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    I am deeply upset that those you employ are not subject to random drug screening. Peoples lives are at stake when building cars and to find out you employ drug addicts gives me pause. Shannon Dale Martin is at your talladega facilitiy, employee number 6969. He brags his drug use on the job to a friend of mine. This greatly questions my trust in your management and HR team. I will not be buying any hondas!!

    2013-02-25 2
    Name user

    Laura, I think they do, but when you have over 4000 employees it's hard to get around to everyone real soon. I'm sure if he's bragging about it, it will get back to his TC or TM and he will be taking a little visit to medical for testing.

    2013-03-30 3
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