Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Lucedale, 1287 Beaver Dam Rd, Lucedale

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    1287 Beaver Dam Rd,
    Lucedale, MS, United States
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    Nice and clean rooms. Friendly staff. Very happy customer!

    2014-04-10 5
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    My room was so clean and comfortable. The customer service was great. And on top of it all i had a delicious breakfast that i didn't expect. Real Food. I was driving from Utah to Florida, and this was the best stop in the 4 days. THANK YOU. I will plan a stay at this hotel if i drive through again!

    2013-04-10 5
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    Beautiful comfortable affordable and delicious!

    2012-03-07 5
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    2013-03-17 3
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    The room is nice. The shower is awesome! The staff are incredibly friendly. Stay here if you are in the area!

    2011-04-26 5
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