Taco John's, 2508 11th Ave, Greeley

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    2508 11th Ave,
    Greeley, CO 80631, US

    Taco John's Events Center, also known as Taco John's Ice and Events Center and The Ikon Center, is a 2,100-seat multipurpose venue. Located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, it opened in August 2000.
    The Taco John's Events Center is home to the Cheyenne Capitals Youth Hockey Organization and the University of Wyoming Show more... Hockey Team. The center is also capable of accommodating concerts, trade shows, parties, art shows, conventions, forums, and many other types of events. The Taco John's Events Center is capable of seating 2,100 people in a Stage Configuration, and 604 people in a Hockey Configuration. It is scheduled to become the home of the Cheyenne Warriors of the Indoor Football League

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