Aspen Hotel Soldotna, 326 Binkley Cir, Soldotna

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    326 Binkley Cir,
    Soldotna, AK, United States
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    Friendly staff, very clean, great location.

    2012-07-16 5
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    Staying with my sons hockey team. Room is nice but David the front desk guy kicked our kids out of the pool early even though the sign clearly said they could swim until 10. I asked to talk to the general manager and she (Serena Sevener-Byerly) was extremely rude and said she didn't like being disturbed at 9:30 at night, even though that's her JOB! Asked for the number to the corporate office and David the front desk guy would not give it to me. Will DEFINITELY find a number to give a formal complaint about the horrible attitude of the general manager.

    2011-11-20 1
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    I would recommend going to the Aspen Hotel in Kenai. It's newer and a lot nicer. The room I got had an LCD TV, which was nice. The room was really pricey for what you get. Cons I mainly didn't like the price and I got the rate for being an Alaska resident. The room I stayed in at the Kenai Aspen was a lot nicer and cheaper to boot. The towels were kind of used up and not as soft. I'm mainly comparing it to the newer hotel in Kenai which seemed ten times better. Pros Free wi-fi. Good continental breakfast. Friendly staff. Large room.

    2008-05-24 3
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    screaming kids, ick... hard bed, bad pillows... nice kitchenet / unstocked wetbar.... free, fast wifi! bring hard water formulated soap!! the hard water here makes rinsing all but impossible.... to be fair, ive noticed the local tap water is kinda yellow everywhere around here..

    2008-03-10 2
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