University of Mobile, 5735 College Pkwy, Mobile

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    5735 College Pkwy,
    Mobile, AL, United States

    The University of Mobile is an American four-year, private, Baptist-affiliated university in Prichard, Alabama. The master's-level university has an enrollment of 1,577.

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    Amazing college. I have worked here for years and love the Christian atmosphere. I am so blessed to see firsthand how each student is valued. Then my daughter enrolled and I saw it through the eyes of a parent, and wow, am I so glad my daughter chose the University of Mobile. Everyone from the Financial Aid office to Rez Life to the professors really took time to get to know her and all of her classmates. The quality of education she got in English and Theology, her majors, was outstanding.

    2014-02-24 5
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    The financial aid department doesn't know what they are doing at all. They aren't honest and don't tell you everything up front. I came in and asked two specific question the first question I was lied to. The second time I asked a question someone told me "oh, well we would have answered that the next time you came in..." Who says that? I want to know something and they hide the truth from me when I was asking about it to their face because I needed to make a financial decision and needed help based off their advising and after I made my choice they then wanted to say "Oh this is how much it really is" and I'm like are you kidding me. I can't afford this at all when the numbers jump from what they actually told me to what it really is. I would have waited. I'm not that stupid. I can wait and save up money to take a class. I've been through financial aid process at 18 and have taken out loans at two different colleges. This is by far the worse college financial aid office. They get paid to sit around and pretend to act like they do their jobs. Just find another school that's actually going to be real and truthful to what the real expenses actually are for the entire program. Do not believe anything the financial aid department says here at all!!! I went to two different people in the financial aid department and they did not answer my questions and couldn't give me real answers. And even when I felt unsure and thought I should just withdraw and wait until next semester the lady refused to let me withdraw from my courses because I felt like something was wrong. They don't make a difference here and I don't feel welcomed on this campus at all by anyone.

    2014-02-11 1
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    Excellent school for anyone who believes their faith plays an important roll in their education. Especially great choice for working adults :)

    2011-06-15 5
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    Great Christian atmosphere. Professors who care about their students.

    2011-06-17 5
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