Mobile Regional Airport, 8400 Airport Blvd, Mobile

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    8400 Airport Blvd,
    Mobile, AL, United States

    Mobile Regional Airport is a public and military use airport located 11 nautical miles west of Mobile, a city in Mobile County, Alabama, United States. It is near Pascagoula, Mississippi. The airport, owned and operated by the Mobile Airport Authority, is an independent, self-funded entity that receives no local tax Show more... dollars.
    It is included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2011–2015, which categorized it as a primary commercial service airport. As per Federal Aviation Administration records, the airport had 286,956 passenger boardings in calendar year 2008, 280,491 enplanements in 2009, and 277,232 in 2010.
    The airport is also home to U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, providing advanced training to U.S. Coast Guard pilots and aircrew in HH-65 Dolphin and HH-60 Jayhawk helicopters as well as HU-25 Guardian jets and HC-144 Ocean Sentry turboprop aircraft. The Alabama Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 131st Aviation Regiment's "B" Company is also located at the airport.

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    Beautiful airport. No confusing as larger airports.

    2014-04-11 5
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    a nice airport in a good location love it its wifi is working well and all though it costs to fly out of there its my first option

    2013-05-29 5
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    Poor airport overall. ZERO covered parking unlike almost all other airports out there, which resulted in myself and my luggage getting drenched. This, in turn, set off their new X-ray machine, which is designed to hold up security even more. Flight prices and options are horrible. Location is horrible and not easily accessible from any major interstate or highway. I fly out of Pensacola, which is much better, has covered parking, lower fares, and has recently expanded their security lanes due to increased volume. Mobile spent their renovation money on new floors and flower beds. They just don't get it. I only fly MOB as a last option.

    2012-05-06 1
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    This is the cleanest airport I've ever been to, which is a good thing because the strip club I went to last night was the dirtiest iv ever been to.

    2013-01-19 5
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    2012-08-01 5
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