St Stephen's Historical Park, Old Saint Stephens Rd , Saint Stephens, AL 36569

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    Old Saint Stephens Rd ,
    Saint Stephens, AL 36569, United States
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    We were exceedingly pleased with Old St. Stephens Historic Park. We stayed during February and were the only campers in the Cedar Ridge Campground. It had recently rained so the bubbling brook falls at Indian Baths was simply delightful. And as we walked along the streets that once were, read the markers, and looked at the archeological ruins, we were transported back to an earlier year. The lake left when the limestone pit was abandoned begged to be experienced. And the nearby derelict limestone mill,and Pebble Springs Jockey Club added to the wonder. We saw a number of barges plying the Tombigbee River that adjoins the property. The hostess couldn't have been nicer, She even bought us ice when she made a trip into town as we'd forgotten to do so. I think that you will be glad that you discovered this jewel unless you like the hustle and bustle of city life and organized "fun". There are stables available if you want to bring your horses. We did not go in the bath house during our stay so my comment on those facilities was a guess because this site required a score on all three to publish a review..

    2013-02-19 5
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    The views and the limestone bluff were beautiful. The trails were nice and it was fun kayaking around the lake. Not surprisingly the bathrooms were nasty, but with the amount of campers there, I was not surprised. Unfortunately we arrived to primitive camp for a three day weekend. The park caters to RV camping and is lacking in the primitive camping department. Most of the sites are within 20 feet, yes, I said 20 feet of the main road. It was miserable while in camp, as the RV/camper crowd liked to drive their diesel pickup trucks up and down the main road to past 12:30am. The gates closed at 10PM but that did not stop everyone from running the roads at night in their trucks. I do not recommend primitive camping here. A day trip, or RV/ camper type camping would be great (hence the gracious 3 stars). Just don't bring a tent. The sites overlook the lake, (awesome) but the amount of poison ivy and red ants finally were the straw that broke the camels back and we left a day early.

    2012-04-23 3
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