La Quinta Inn Tuscaloosa, 4122 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa

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    4122 McFarland Blvd E,
    Tuscaloosa, AL, United States
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    Many La Quintas are new or re-modeled to new the style; Lobby entrance, room access via hallway inside. This property is one of the very old style; bedroom doors open out to the parking lot. A very small parking lot were if you are trying to park a car with a trailer or a camper... good luck. The door on my room looked like it was kicked in at some point and the door would not shut correctly. The interstate is just outside you window - so the sound of traffic is quite loud. The surrounding neighborhood kinda rough. On the plus side - the rooms inside are fairly nice and very clean.

    2013-11-30 3
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    This stop provided a clean room and restroom. Other rater was right about there not much grass place for dogs to sniff but plenty of concrete to do the doo. It's a really good room to lay your head down for a nighter or two but i wouldnt vaca at this spot. A few fast food stops and rest (which is good if your just stopping for the night) and the best part is that rooms didn't stink. I would coming back if I ever needed to drive by again. Cant beat a low prices for good service. The people up front were very friendly and gave me extra sheets and blankets when I asked for them within 5 min.

    2013-06-07 4
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    Tuscaloosa la Quinta f you have a dog, watch out. There is no place to walk him. Not so much as a tiny patch of grass. Nothing. There some pathetic landscaping, but it is protected with plants to prevent a dog from walking there. Even the adjacent properties are screened with chain link fencing to keep you out. If you need to walk your dog, you must put him in your car and drive before you park and get put him on anything but concrete. This entire motel has been designed to keep your dog in your room.

    2013-04-11 3
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    Perfectly located by Interstate 20/59. Close to 24 hours Walmart. Suite was big and clean, breakfast more or less fine.

    2013-08-05 4
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    Adequately clean, water in sink ran very slow but the drain was even slower. Shower worked OK. Coffee pot did not work - had to hold the pot up to make the basket empty. TV did well. Bed did better. The rate - billboard said low rate at 3PM, according to check in clerk, was not available because because it was a holiday weekend. Ummm. Wednesday May 26 was the Memorial Day weekend already??

    2010-05-27 3
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