Townsend Ford, 5801 McFarland Blvd E, Tuscaloosa

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    I got what I wanted because I knew what I wanted. I am glad I found the Mustang down in Tuscaloosa as opposed to making a purchase from home, (Michigan), just for the reason that I didn't want a "salty dog" right off of the lot. Not a whole lot of mechanical knowledge around this building, and they could sure use at least one engineer type person around there. But overall, they helped me to understand the financial aspects of buying a car, and were willing to negotiate to get me into the vee-hickle that I was looking for.

    2014-04-10 3
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    I had to get my 2013 Camry repaired after an accident. I did receive the car after repair. I had to call and ask the condition of the car. No one called me to say it was ready or so.After droping off the rental I drive and it was only after some days I notice paint/polish around the area it was worked on.The arm off the wiper blade has a big mark on it. Now i am alos finding that the replace bonnet is not even aligned in the way it should be,The gap betseen the fender and the bonnet is mis aligned and same goes with the head lamp. I did talk to someone there and they want my car to be left back to work on. My insurance company is not going to pay for a rental now.So what do I do now. This car had good front end damage and parts were replaced. I do not know if any parts that has been changed is fixed propely or so.THe total repair cost was to the tune off 10000$. I am not evn sure if parts have been replaced or repaired, The same complaint has been given by another person whose review is up here.

    2014-02-03 1
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    After a year of looking for a very specific F250 truck I reached out to Townsend Ford for some help from their specialized auction buyers that were able to find the exact truck in a matter of days. GREAT work guys!!! You'll always have my business.

    2014-04-09 5
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    My niece recently bought a 2013 Fusion- it is great! We had a wonderful experience at Townsend, Dennis was our salesman and he was very nice and worked to get her the best car and deal. I highly recommend both Townsend and Dennis. He is a good guy, I wouldn't work with anyone else. Most pleasant car experience I've had. He really took care of my niece buying her first car and we appreciate it!

    2013-12-29 5
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    Let's just say if they mess up they do all they can to fix it. The management team will take time with you to hear about your issues if/when they arise. I did get a good deal.

    2014-02-20 4
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