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    Ice Planet is a science fiction film released in 2003. It was produced as a pilot movie for an intended TV series. The film was directed by Winrich Kolbe and its cast included Wes Studi as Commander Trager.
    The movie takes place some thirty years after a devastating war between Show more... the Union and the Consortium that resulted in the death of 10% of the Earth's population. The Newton 5 space colony is suddenly attacked by a vast extraterrestrial spacecraft, killing 200,000 people in the process. The alien spaceship then proceeds to annihilate a military base on Jupiter's moon Io. Base commander Noah Trager, aided by recently graduated space cadets, manages to escape to a nearby "Magellan" research vessel commanded by professor Karteez Rumla. Rumla (encouraged by Senator Jeremy Uvan who was on the military base) insists that the Magellan continue its original classified mission rather than return to Earth. Pursued by the alien spaceship, the refugees head toward section 9 in space—the Magellan's original destination—when the research vessel suddenly is ejected into hyperspace by an unknown space phenomenon. After travelling through interstellar space, the vessel is drawn towards an

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