Daniel Wilson

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    Daniel Wilson, Bishop of Calcutta (now Kolkata), born in Spitalfields, London, 2 July 1778, died in Calcutta, 2 January 1858.
    He was educated at St Edmund Hall, Oxford (BA, 1802; MA, 1804; DD, 1832); was ordained, and became curate of Richard Cecil at Cobham and Bisley in Surrey, where he Show more... developed into a strong Evangelical preacher; was tutor or vice-principal of St Edmund Hall, Oxford, and minister of Worton, Oxfordshire, 1807 to 1812; assistant curate at St John's Chapel, Bedford Row, Bloomsbury, 1808 to 1812 (where Richard Cecil had earlier been incumbent); sole minister there, 1812 to 1824; and vicar of St Mary's Church, Islington, 1824 to 1832, when he was consecrated Bishop of Calcutta, and first Metropolitan of India and Ceylon. He founded an English church at Rangoon, Ceylon, 1855, and St Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta, (consecrated 1847). He was an indefatigable worker, and as bishop was noted for fidelity and firmness.
    In 1831 he was one of the founders of the Lord's Day Observance Society. He was associated with the Clapham Sect evangelical Anglicans, the best known of whom is William Wilberforce.
    In 1835 he was noted for calling India's caste system "a cancer."

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