Michael Uslan

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    Michael E. Uslan (born June 2, 1952) is a producer of the Batman movies and was the first instructor to teach "Comic Book Folklore" at an accredited university. Uslan is a native of Cedar Grove, New Jersey.
    Uslan was born in Bayonne, New Jersey and was an avid comic book Show more... collector from a very young age, owning a collection that included the second Batman and first Superman comic, among others. His collection spanned more than 25,000 comics. He attended Ocean Township High School. While still an undergraduate and a graduate at the same time at Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington, attempting to break into the film industry by sending off over 130 résumés (typed on a typewriter), Uslan "developed a course idea for the Experimental Curriculum program at I.U."
    Uslan recalls that Roger Stern "has been teaching a one-hour credit experimental course on comic book history and art," while he (Uslan) was "having fun with an I.U. Free University course on "The Comic Book Hero"." Stern and Uslan discovered they shared interests, and when Stern "couldn't stand teaching the course any longer," Uslan took it over and changed it into one that took
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