Claudio Fragasso

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    Claudio Fragasso (born 2 October 1951) is an Italian screenwriter and film director of mostly low-budget exploitation films.
    Fragasso has co-written (with his wife Rossella Drudi) the scripts for many horror movies that were directed by the infamous Bruno Mattei, including Zombie 3, The Other Hell, Rats Night of Terror, Show more... Hell of the Living Dead, RoboWar, The True Story of the Nun of Monza, Women's Prison Massacre, and Shocking Dark, among others. Fragasso also co-directed a few of Mattei's films with him, including The Seven Magnificent Gladiators, Hell of the Living Dead and Rats Night of Terror. (Fragasso even essayed a few minor acting roles in some of Mattei's films; i.e. he played one of General Morton's two right-hand soldiers in Zombie 3.)
    In 1984 Fragasso directed his debut feature, Monster Dog, starring Alice Cooper as a rock-star werewolf.
    In 1988, Fragasso and Mattei were called in by the producer of Zombie 3 (Franco Gaudenzi) to finish shooting the film when the director Lucio Fulci took ill and was forced to abandon the project halfway through. The two were whisked to the Philippines where filming had been under way, and finished the shooting in a few days, while Fulci

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