Bernard Siegel

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    Bernard Siegel is the Executive Director of the nonprofit Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) based in Wellington, Florida.
    A graduate of the University of Miami undergraduate and law, he is an attorney and member of the Florida Bar since 1975. He is best known for filing the landmark 2002 case Show more... seeking a guardian for the world’s first alleged human clone, "Baby Eve."
    The case has been widely credited for exposing Clonaid, the so-called "human cloning company" as a sham. Clonaid presented itself as the scientific research laboratory of a Canadian-based religious group called the Räelian Movement. The Räelians believe that cloning technology is a gift that will provide human immortality, brought to earth by extraterrestrials. They have collected large sums of money from at least one couple, allegedly to provide them with a child cloned from one of the parents’ DNA. The legal hearings brought about by Siegel exposed the cult’s lack of credibility when they failed to produce an allegedly cloned child for the purpose of DNA testing, which would have proven whether or not the child was a clone.
    However, the case was the subject of intense international media attention because it shined a

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