Johnny Speight

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    Johnny Speight (2 June 1920 – 5 July 1998), was a British television scriptwriter of many classic British sitcoms.
    He emerged in the mid 1950s. He wrote for the radio comics; Frankie Howerd, Vic Oliver, Arthur Askey, and Cyril Fletcher. For television he wrote for the Arthur Haynes Show, Morecambe Show more... & Wise, and Peter Sellers. Then he began to write Till Death Us Do Part, which included his most famous creation, the controversial bigot Alf Garnett. His shows often explored the themes of racism and sexism through satire, and many are regarded as classics.
    John Speight was born at 57 Chester Rd Canning Town, West Ham, Essex (now Greater London), and began contributing scripts to comedy shows in 1955, starting with Great Scott - It's Maynard!. His first major series was Sykes And A... (1961), which starred Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques and Richard Wattis (see Sykes). Speight was one of many great writing talents on that series which also included the star Sykes, John Antrobus and Spike Milligan.
    He created the iconic working class tramp figure played by Arthur Haynes in the latter's long-running and top-rating ATV comedy series. Haynes died in 1966.
    In 1965, Speight wrote a BBC TV pilot

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