Dale Horvath

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    Dale Horvarth is one of the oldest and most important members of the survivors. His knowledge, experience and his RV proved to be very helpful for the group. During his time with Rick's party, Dale often finds himself in an argument with Shane. He later died at the hands of Show more... Daryl Dixon when the latter shot him in the head as an act of mercy after Dale was severely injured by a walker.

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    He was not supposed to die that early, if you're following the comic book you'll know what I mean.

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    If Carl wasn't an idiot then he would be alive. Well, somebody has to play the dumb kid and dale becomes the sacrificial lamb.

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    He's my favorite character but they killed him. Actually Jeff Munn gets fired so they really have to kill Dale.

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    The story needs it, Dale must die if not the story would be messed. I didn't like the way he died but it needed to happen.

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    I'm surprised that they killed him that early but I won't really miss him. I didn't like his character at all, he's preaching and self righteous all the time.

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