Claude Renoir

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    Claude Renoir (December 4, 1913 – September 5, 1993) was a French cinematographer. He was the son of actor Pierre Renoir and nephew of director Jean Renoir. He was also the grandson of painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. He is the father of actress Sophie Renoir.
    Renoir was born in Paris, son Show more... of actor Pierre Renoir and actress Véra Sergine. He apprenticed to Boris Kaufman. He worked on numerous critically acclaimed pictures such as Monsieur Vincent (1947), Jean Renoir's The River (1951), Roger Vadim's Barbarella (1968), Cleopatra (1963) and The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). He also participated in the making of The Mystery of Picasso (1956), the famous documentary on painter Pablo Picasso. He was the cinematographer for The Crucible (1957) and lived in East Germany during filming. Renoir's career came to a close in late 1970s, as he was rapidly losing sight. In his final years he was largely blind.
    He married twice and had two children, a son and a daughter, actress Sophie Renoir. He died at age 79 in Troyes, 55 miles east of Paris, near the village of Essoyes, where he had a home.
    Renoir sometimes worked on the same films as his uncle and namesake Claude Renoir ainé (senior), and many

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