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    The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland better known as RACQ is a Motoring and Travel Service company that is based in Queensland, Australia. It offers different kinds of services such as roadside assistance, motor vehicle, household, compulsory third party insurance and pleasure-craft insurance products. They hold their main office in Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Australia.

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    They're the only one that I trust. RACQ so easy to deal with, no unnecessary questions they go straight to the point. I love their way of handling things.

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    RACQ has earned a place in my heart. Their commitment is unrivaled, they're really putting a great effort to provide the best customer service experience.

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    RACQ is becoming expensive these past years. Their services has not changed though, they're still the hassle free insurance company that we all love.

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    RACQ is the best insurance company for car lovers. I'm happy with them, they are efficient and each employee serves every customer with enthusiasm.

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