Robert Hill

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    Robert Murray Hill AC (born 25 September 1946) is Chancellor of the University of Adelaide and a former Australian politician. He is also the former chairman of the Australian Carbon Trust.
    Born in Adelaide, Hill studied at the University of Adelaide where he took degrees in Arts and Law, and Show more... later the University of London, where he gained a Masters degree in Law. Robert Hill was a barrister and solicitor before entering politics. He was Vice-President of the Liberal Party in South Australia 1977–79 and President 1985–87. Like many South Australian Liberals, Hill belonged to the liberal or moderate wing of the Liberal Party. He was also a member of the Liberal Party's Federal Executive 1985–87 and 1990–93.
    His daughter, Victoria, is an Australian actress.
    Hill came from a traditional of conservative politics, and his father, Murray Hill, was a prominent Liberal member of the South Australian Legislative Council from 1965 to 1988. Robert Hill was elected as a Senator for the State of South Australia, representing the Liberal Party, at the 1980 Federal election. He took his seat in the Senate on 1 July 1981, and served until 15 March 2006.
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