Carl Johan De Geer

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    Carl Johan Louis De Geer af Finspång (born July 13, 1938 in Montreal, Canada) is a Swedish artist, writer, musician and friherre (baron) of the De Geer noble family.
    Carl Johan De Geer grew up in a castle in Skåne, in southern Sweden. He broke with his bourgeois background and Show more... became a leftist artist, and studied at Konstfack, University College of Art, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. He also exposed his grandmother's Nazi sympathies in a film called Mormor, Hitler och jag ("Grandmother, Hitler and I").
    Most radical and provoking at that time was his 1967 painting of a burning Swedish Flag with the words KUKEN (****) and "Skända flaggan" (Dishonour the flag) written on it. The painting was shown in an art gallery, but was immediately apprehended by the police.
    Carl Johan De Geer has written a number of books and was also a member of the Swedish radical prog-band Blå Tåget.

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